Ramadan Flashmob feed the poor | 2011

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EVENT: Ramadan 'Iftari' Flashmob
LOCATION: High Street, Birmingham City Centre
DATE: Wednesday 24th August, 2011

INFO: Birmingham's Ramadan Flashmob ( http://fastingnotfeasting.weebly.com ) come out for a spontaneous Iftar meal to break the religious Islamic fast, sharing food with passers-by and with the poor, homeless and hungry.

Featuring: Fatima Sheik (Team Organiser, Birmingham Ramadan Flashmob), Gohar Ayub ('ISRA Feed the Poor' charity), Anna Gray (Volunteer).
Director: Adam Yosef | Graphics: R3BELZ Inc. | Sound: Music Theme - Kevin MacLeod, Sound Editor: Kyle Kowalski | With thanks to: Umamah Ahmed, Birmingham Ramadan Flashmob, ISRA Feed the Poor.



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